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Hope Domestic Training and Cleaning Services offers a wide range of training and cleaning services.

Whatever your need, we can do it.

We offer training and placement for the unemployed as well as training domestic workers for the busy professional.

Our training course is aligned with SAQA unit standard on a NQF level 1. 

Over and above this training course we offer customized training. If you feel your domestic worker needs training in some areas, we will meet with you to identify your needs and create a training program especially for you.

If you need a domestic worker but do not feel up to the challenge of going through all the paperwork, legal requirements and hassles, leave it to us!  We do all the paperwork and compliance to legal requirements for you while you get a quality trained helper. 

Upon completion of the training we assist learners with placement. By matching the requirements of the position with the strength of the learner as well as the personality of the employer and employee, to ensure a long and happy working relationship. 

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Training for Domestic Workers;

Training in line with the SAQA unit standard.

Customized training to suit your individual needs.  


Domestic Cleaning Services;

Let us focus on your cleaning while you focus on life.


Placement Agency for Domestic Workers;

We supply help according to your needs - part time or fulltime.    


No job is too big or too small for us