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We provide a training course in line with the qualification of a National Certificate and Customized training.


Training Course


Our training course consists of three Modules.


Module 1 includes chapters on Personal health and hygiene, Personal finances, Basic cleaning principles, Mathematics and Cleaning floors.


Module 2 consists of chapters on a Professional image, Communication, Mathematics, Cleaning bedrooms and Bathrooms.


Module 3 covers chapters on Cleaning above floor surfaces, Cleaning kitchens, Windows, Doing laundry, Ironing, Cooking and Child care.


We run the Modules with breaks in-between to enable the learners to apply the newly acquired skills before we continue to the next module. The training course runs over a period of four months.


Customized Training


We know that some employers have jewels managing and cleaning their homes, but there is just one or two things that really bothers you..... Well, we have the solutions!

We meet with you and determine your needs and create customize training programs based on your individual needs and we can even do the training in your house!

Whatever you need improvement on, to remove those little jackal after a long days work... we solve your frustration.